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When hiking Haleakala Volcano one day I noticed a 'Puolo' on the edge of the crater- it had been left there as an offering to the Hawaiian gods. A 'Puolo' is a hand-bound bundle of ti leaves, filled with gifts. 

Our version of a Puolo holds a gift for a special person. It features lusciously exotic Maile Body Creme, Maile Face & Body Mist, as well as Shea Butter enriched Maile Soap- all handcrafted on Maui with natural and organic ingredients by Island Essence. The rare Maile vine can only be found in Hawaiian rainforests and in old Hawaii was revered by royalty and commoners alike.  Its enchanting scent appeals to women and men alike.  We complete this special offering with three kinds of chocolates of the Hawaiian Host Founder's Collection: Macadamia Nuts covered in dark chocolate, milk chocolate and matcha green chocolate. 

The BUNDLE OF ALOHA gift set includes:

  • 1 Bottle Face & Body Mist ‘Maile’ by Island Essence
  • 1 Bottle Body Creme ‘Maile’ by Island Essence
  • 1 Soap Bar ‘Maile’ by Island Essence
  • 3 Pcs Founder’s Collection Chocolate covered Macadamias by Hawaiian Host (Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Matcha Green Chocolate) *

Delivery/ Shipping Options

Your gift will be wrapped in a beautiful sinamay banana leaf bag with seashell adorned strings, lined with

light pink- golden pineapple tissue paper. 

* Please note that for all shipped Gift Sets, Chocolate will be substituted by our delicious

Macadamia Nut Brittle to avoid the risk of melting. 

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Puolo is a hand-bound bundle of ti leaves filled with gifts. Our version holds a gift of handcrafted spa items made with Maile, a favorite of Royals in old Hawaii. This special offering is complete with Hawaiian Host Founders Collection Chocolates.