Aloha, E Komo Mai!


Maui’s Finest Gifts was born in the middle of the Pandemic in 2020. Michael and I had both been furloughed from our jobs at a hotel and were unsure whether we’d ever return. We needed a plan…In my sales position with the hotel I had surprised clients with Gift Bags containing items that they would not be able to find at the store: freshly roasted macadamia nuts from the farmer’s market, honey from a local farm upcountry, etc. Clients had always been thrilled to receive these Gifts from me. So in July of 2020 I decided to give it a go. Despite opening a business that thrives mostly on guests visiting Maui during a time when Hawaii was “shut down” we thrived. Two years later we are still here and growing every day!

My greatest pleasure and fulfillment in this (ad)venture has been to witness how much joy we bring to people with our Gifts, and the personal stories that they share with us. We are the link between someone on the mainland and their loved ones on Maui. Whether it’s a mom saying “Happy Birthday!” to her son who lives on the island and whom she misses dearly. Or someone who’s taking their family on their very first trip to Hawaii and cannot wait to surprise them with an arrival Gift at their hotel. Nana sending Easter Baskets to her grandkids. A Gift to someone who couldn’t come on the trip. Mom & Dad saying “Congratulations!” to the Honeymooners… We get to create joy all around: to the lucky recipient, the thoughtful sender and ourselves!

We are blessed to collaborate with many local businesses- thanking associates for a successful partnership, sending a co-worker a “Get Well Soon!” Gift. We partner with Luxury Vacation Rental agencies to welcome their guests with Aloha. We are a preferred vendor for the largest Concierge companies on Maui, and our Gifts are showcased at the island’s most prestigious Hotels.

We have called Hawaii home for almost 20 years (Michael grew up in Bellingham, WA. I am originally from Germany). We share a deep love for Maui, in particular. All of our Gifts represent an element of Life in Hawaii. Our products are grown and made right here on Maui and the other Hawaiian Islands: World-class Coffee, Macadamia Nuts, Chocolate, Honey… Maui’s Finest Gifts allows us to support over 30 hard-working farmers and entrepreneurs in Hawaii and share their creations with the world. To share the essence of Aloha with visitors and Kama’aina alike.

We hope we can become Joy Creators for you, too!

Mahalo, Eva and Michael